Online Learning

Commitment to Online Learning

The Emma Willard School Technology Statement serves as the foundational guide for our online learning program:

Emma Willard School aims to create a community where technology is used positively, safely, and with integrity. Drawing from our school mission to foster a love of learning and the habits of an intellectual life, we teach students to be curious and adaptable when making informed, thoughtful choices about technology. We strive to teach our students the skills and confidence to navigate responsibly and contribute productively as empathetic citizens in a digital world. In the classroom, we believe the purpose of educational technology is to enhance and support teaching and learning while respecting our foundational educational pedagogies. We also recognize the power of educational technology in extending learning and its ability to provide experiences that might not otherwise have been possible. Most importantly, we encourage our community to find a healthy balance when making decisions about technology use both in and out of the classroom.
As a faculty, we are committed to delivering the excellent Emma Willard School education that our students know and appreciate. Students will continue to engage in learning that covers a wide range of content and encourages deep thinking. Faculty may also modify content in the final nine weeks of class to allow students to engage with the world and our current situation, bringing their content knowledge to bear on relevant, timely topics. By choosing an asynchronous model of content delivery, we hope students will be able to often step away from screens to learn, and bring what they discover back to the virtual classroom.

Essential to the success of online learning is consistent and open communication. You will find below that we have established a weekly routine for our classes, guidelines for how we will deliver content, and expectations for students. As we embark on this journey we will be seeking regular feedback from students. We recognize this is a new experience for all of us and we expect there will be course correction along the way. Please reach out to your advisor with any questions or concerns that may arise. If you have a technology concern, please reach out to your advisor and helpdesk@theatrepasta.com immediately. 

Online Learning Logistics

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  • Weekly Schedule

    The school has established a weekly schedule for student coursework. Weekly coursework will be posted on Thursdays or Fridays (depending on the subject) and assignments will be due twice per week. Key to student success in online learning is careful attention to due dates. 
    On average, students should expect to spend 4-5 hours per week on a 1.0 credit (non-AP) course. Students enrolled in AP courses should expect to spend between 6-7 hours per week to complete all learning activities. These expectations may vary depending on the student and specific course, but are a good benchmark for most students. Teachers will help students to plan their week by estimating the amount of time assignments and activities should take. (Updated 04.22.2020)
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    2nd Due Date
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  • Technology Tools

    Teachers and students will be using the same school-wide technology tools that they use regularly on campus. Some teachers may also begin to use additional tools that can enhance the asynchronous online learning experience. School-wide tools that all teachers will use include:

    Primary Learning Tools

    - Our Learning Management System is the starting point for all things online learning. On MyEmma, students will check their classes for coursework, assignments, and discussions, as they do throughout the year. Students will also use MyEmma to keep in touch with groups and clubs, message teachers, and check their grades and progress.
    - Emma Willard School’s preferred productivity suite includes Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Slides. Students will use G Suite to complete a majority of their coursework and to collaborate with other students.* **
    - Part of G Suite, students will participate in virtual meetings through Google Meet to routinely check in with their advisors, teachers, and classmates at Emma Willard.*

    Primary Communication Tools

    - a Messaging system through MyEmma that can be used for group or individual messages.
    - Emma Willard School’s email provider.*
    - A texting platform that allows students and faculty to communicate individually and in groups. 
    *If a student is having trouble accessing any tools, please email HelpDesk (helpdesk@theatrepasta.com). 

    **Students also have access to the Microsoft Office Suite of productivity tools and can contact HelpDesk (helpdesk@theatrepasta.com) to learn how to access these tools or look in the Tech Tidbits MyEmma group.

Program Elements

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  • Asynchronous Learning with Synchronous Support

    Emma Willard School’s online learning program will be a primarily asynchronous model with synchronous support and community connection.
    Asynchronous Learning is defined as self-paced learning. Our model allows for students to set their own daily schedule for learning within a school-defined weekly schedule with consistent posting and due dates. We have chosen this model to meet the needs of our students and teachers who will be engaging with learning from their homes around the world in many different time zones, and with many different responsibilities at home. 

    While content will be delivered asynchronously, students will have many opportunities for live connection. Support for learning and regular community events will happen in a Synchronous, or live, online format. Students will be able to login to regular office hours to talk with their teachers. They will be asked to work in groups with other students to complete assignments. And they will be able to login to regular community events such as morning reports and class meetings, which will be recorded for students unable to attend.
  • Grading

    Emma Willard School students will complete a full course of study and will receive semester and year grades at the completion of the 2019-20 school year.

  • Final Exams

    Emma Willard School is in the process of outlining how we will move forward with final exams and we will update the community before April 6.
  • College Counseling

    College counseling will continue through one-on-one google meet sessions. The College Counseling team recognizes the additional layer anxiety that this evolving situation is adding to an already stressful process. The team stands ready to work with students on how to make final decisions about college enrollment without the benefit of final campus visits, and how to navigate the changing landscape of standardized testing. 

    Students should reach out to their college counselor to schedule a time for a one-on-one online meeting.
  • AP Classes and Exams

    As a result of the disruption to the school year, Emma Willard School has made the decision to release students from their obligation to sit for the AP Exam in the 2019-20 school year. Any student registered for an exam can choose to cancel at no charge. Regardless of a student's decision to participate in the AP exam, a student enrolled in an AP class is expected to participate fully in the final weeks of the course.
    The College Board has modified how it will administer . Face-to-face administrations will be cancelled, and exams will be administered as 45-minute online free-response exams only. The AP exams will cover material typically covered in AP courses by early March. Teachers of AP classes are reviewing the College Board’s guidance and will continue to design coursework that prepares students for the exams. 

  • Music Lessons

    Some students participate in private music lessons on campus. Music lesson teachers will continue to teach lessons online for students. Students will hear from Debra Spiro-Allen, Arts Department Chair, about continuing with music lessons this spring.


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  • Video cover for Nika H. '21: Visibility of Gender Issues

    Spring Showcase and Emma Artists

    At the end of the academic year, the Emma Willard School community joined together virtually to celebrate the work of many students. A combination of artistry and performance along with deep thinking and experiential exploration were showcased. Examples of student work and performance served as the canvas for a series of live (now with the recordings) discussions with the students as they shared what they learned, their process, and future considerations.
  • Tory Dietel Hopps '81

    Dress Rehearsal for the Future

    Tory Dietel Hopps '81
    Alumna Tory Dietel Hopps '81 has shared her thoughts on lessons we can learn through this extraordinary time in our world. We invite you to take a moment to reflect on this "dress rehearsal" for a new normal in our world.
  • Math Instructor Laszlo Bardos sharing good will

    Building Community Always

    Suzanne Romero Dewey
    Springtime in a vibrant and gutsy city nestled on the Hudson River not far from the Berkshires offers an array of beauty, variable weather, and an energizing force that makes the days a blur of activity. For a high school student at Emma Willard School, this time of year is typically fast and typically furious with end-of-year assessments looming, anticipated culminations beckoning, and growth and leadership opportunities inviting.
  • Kudos To Hard Work

    Every year our various teaching departments gather to discuss students who have gone above and beyond in a particular discipline. The teachers have been paying attention for the entire year and springtime brings forward a period of recognition. This year, even with our students spending the spring term learning virtually, our faculty presented this year's kudos to ten individuals at Morning Reports on Thursday, April 30. We celebrate the hard work and determination that these kudos represent.
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Weekly Schedule

Office Hours

Teachers will offer two hours of live, online office hours each week. Students should prioritize participating in office hours to ask questions and get extra help. If a student is unable to join office hours because of a schedule conflict, or needs additional support after participating in office hours, they can reach out to a teacher to request an individual meeting.

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